If you use rail travel to get about you might have gotten into the habit of your own routine, you might even do things so regularly that they become second nature but to someone else this could be a whole new way of thinking.

Because of this we started thinking about the way we travel and spoke to a few people to find out the handy hints, tips and hacks that make train travel a bit easier, cheaper and more enjoyable.

First of all why not pick up a Metro. This seems obvious but there are still some people that pay for a newspaper every morning when they could read the Metro for free. I know 20 or 30p doesn’t seem like much but add that up over the course of your yearly commute and you will start wondering why you are wasting money.

Take a snack and bottle rather than buying from the station. Buying multipacks during your weekly shop will probably be around the same cost as a single bottle of water or juice so you can only imagine how much you might be wasting by buying this way every day.

If you get the opportunity, pre book a seat. Trains can often get busy and booking your seat in advance can save any hassle or even having to stand for your whole journey.

If the train you are on is standing room only why not chance your arm and just sit in first class? Sometimes the conductor will take pity on you and as long as you have a ticket will just let you sit there.

If you are avoiding paying peak time prices, the chances are that the first off peak train will be full of people doing the same. Plan your journey for the train after that so you can get on a quieter train at a fraction of the price.

If you are going off peak be careful that you know when peak times actually are. You don’t want to be on a train and asked to pay more or get off.

Ask about upgrading because sometimes it can be a lot cheaper for a simple upgrade than it would have being paying for a first class ticket when you were booking originally. This can be a great way to travel in luxury at a fraction of the price.

Try to avoid ticket machines as they will almost always charge you the most expensive rate for your ticket. If you are interested in making savings on your train ticket try to book as early in advance as possible with some rail companies offering excellent early bird deals.