Do you get the train to work every morning? Have you ever sat on a bus or coach for a few hours? Are you planning a long car trip? If you have said yes to any of these or have a flight soon, , the chances are that you will get uncomfortable and/or bored at some point of your trip.

No matter if you are travelling with someone or are going solo, there always comes a point when a stretch of the legs would be nice and some entertainment to keep your mind off the miles would be great.

So how can we get more comfort when travelling? If you are on a coach, train or plane then there are some great options available to you that will make your journey a much more pleasurable experience.

If you have ever dozed off when travelling you will know how sore you neck can get when you get into strange positions. Bundling up jumpers or jackets to work as a makeshift pillow just isn’t a great solution but products like inflatable pillows can be ideal.

Made to envelope the neck and give you comfortable support no matter how you rest, travel pillows have improved in style, functionality and cost in recent years.

Sometimes you will find the seat just isn’t that comfortable, especially if you are sitting for hours. Inflatable and padded seat cushions can give you that added bit of luxury that greatly improve your journey.If you are going to be working then sometimes the tables on public transport can put you at a difficult angle for operating your laptop.

There are a number of laptop stands that can make it easier for you to work on the move.

As far as entertainment goes there are a lot of options that would have seemed out of this world just a few short years ago. Devices that let you stream music and movies are obviously a big part of that.

Even if you can’t get on the WIFI a lot of the streaming providers are now letting you download for a period of time so you don’t have to use your data.

If you are having to drive a great way to keep yourself entertained along the way is by using audiobooks. Because you obviously can’t read a book or watch a movie, having the chance to listen to some of the best books ever written can be a great option.

There are loads of ways to entertain yourself on a journey and staying comfortable will make your trip a lot more bearable.