Trains can be one of the best ways to travel around the UK but things don’t always run smoothly.

If your train has been delayed or cancelled you might be eligible to put in a claim against the price of your ticket. A lot of people don’t realise this and just have a moan on Facebook or Twitter then let it go.

So when can we claim? If you are delayed for 30 minutes or more, in some cases just 15 minutes or more, you may be eligible to claim. Each rail operator will have their own procedures so you will need to check with them how you would go about claiming.

If you are booked on a specific train with a seat you might feel you are obliged to travel on that train alone. If the train has been delayed you will be able to travel on another train as long as your destination stays the same.

If you are claiming for a delay it really is down to when you get to your destination rather than when the train arrives to pick you up. You will usually need to claim within 28 days of the incident and you will need to show them your ticket. It is worth noting exactly what time the train picks you up and drops you at your destination.

You can expect refunds from 25% to your full fare back. Sometimes you will be offered vouchers in way of a refund however you are entitled to cash or cheque so don’t fobbed off.

You can also claim back through your credit card through a section 75 claim. If you do want to claim, here are some of the steps that you will need to take;

First of all you need to gather the evidence to back your claim. As long as you keep a note of all the times there will also be an independent verification to back you up.

You should also work out what you want as a refund. You will have to be sensible and have a reasoned argument for the claim.

Get in touch with your card provider and ask for a Section 75 claim form then submit the claim with your evidence.

The first port of call should always be with the rail company though, they will usually try to help you as much as they can and hopefully you will be offered a settlement that you are happy with.


Nobody like the idea of delays on public transport but they do happen so being a bit more aware of your rights will let you know how to get a claim in.